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7 Pet-Friendly Home Interior Ideas

We all love our four-legged friends, but even the most behaved dog can mess up your home’s interior. Don’t worry—you can simply follow these pet-friendly home interior ideas!


Despite what we’re facing today, COVID-19 is bringing out the best in us. Pet adoptions have boomed in the past few months, with more families adding new family members into their lives.

“But with a new pet comes potential interior design woes. If your new pooch chews everything in sight or your adorable kitty scratches up all your furniture, all the stress they helped alleviate might come flooding back,” says Alessandra Wood, VP of Style for Modsy, an online interior design service. 

Do you currently have the same concern? We got you covered! We’ve compiled some pet-friendly home interior tips for you.

Pair Ottomans with Rugs

Cute corgi dogs at home

Some pets can’t jump as high as they want. So you’ll want to buy something that makes hopping easy for them.

Are you thinking about pet stairs? This is a great solution, but they’re specifically made for pets, and they consume space meant for your furniture.

So a great tip is to add an ottoman next to your sofa or bed. It can serve as a piece of double-purpose furniture for you and your pet. Don’t forget to place a rug below the ottoman so your dog has the traction they need to jump. It also saves your hardwood floors from scratches.

Make Extra Storage for Your Pet

Funny dachshund puppy sits in cloth storage box and winks, clothes scattered around. Naughty playful baby dog interferes with cleaning or packing stuff, front view If you’re one of those guilty furparents who can’t get enough of dog toy shopping, this tip is for you.

Just like buying a toy box for your kids, you should also create a dedicated storage for your pet’s toys.

Baskets are a nice option. It’s best to choose one with an open-top, so you can train your dog to get the toys they want and place them back after playing. One thing to keep in mind is the height of the basket. Make sure your pet can reach inside with ease.

Aside from toys, you can also buy extra baskets for your pet’s other essentials.

Cover Up Stains with the Right Colors

Funny Frenchie dog lying on grey sofa

A lot of people think that dark fabrics and upholsteries are the best options in concealing dirt and spills. And nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, they can even highlight nasty stains!

Now how about super light colors? You’ll want to avoid using them too unless they’re slipcovers that you can bleach.

So the right color for upholstery is gray because they keep the room light without being a stain magnet. For rugs, use a multi-colored, patterned rug. They help hide stains while adding more life to your space.

Cover Up Your Bed and Sofa

woman and dog lying on bed with blanket

One of the reasons why your furniture age too fast is because your pets love using them. Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid replacing them too soon. Cover up your bed and sofa with machine-washable throw blankets. This way, your furry friend’s hair, and oils will be contained in the blankets, which you can wash anytime you need.

Use Leather Upholstery

dog sleeping on brown leather sofa

If you’re the type of person who keeps everything in pristine condition, you may skip this step. But if you want to add sentimental value to your furniture, choose leather upholsteries. For example, a leather sofa can experience wear and tear with pets. But if you buy a high-quality one, it will age beautifully with lovely patina. Plus, leather is easy to clean. Regular vacuuming will keep it nice and sanitized.

Keep Pets Away from Chewable Furniture (Or Minimize Them!)

dog sitting on a chair beside a table with metal legs

Let’s say brought home a pooch recently, and as they adjust to the new environment, they wander and chew on some of your furniture. The best course of action is consistent house training. Or better yet, minimize wooden furniture at home, and replace them with metal. 

Vacuum Regularly

Owner cleaning floor after naughty dog

Pet hair can get stuck down in the fibers. And what’s worse, your pet might not get enough of messing up the floor! So when you have a furry friend at home, regular vacuuming is a no-brainer. Consider getting two vacuums: one for heavy-duty cleaning and weekly vacuuming, and another small handheld for some spot-cleaning.

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